What is scoliosis (spinal curvature)?

Scoliosis is the lateral curvature of the spine that usually occurs in children aged between 10 to 15 years before puberty. In some cases, children can be born with this condition. Scoliosis can be mild, but in some cases, it can worsen with age and growth, leading to spinal deformities and, in some cases, disability. Children with scoliosis are closely monitored to ensure that the spinal curvature does not worsen, and if it does, treatment is required.


The symptoms and signs of scoliosis include:

– Uneven shoulders

– Curved spine

– Protruding shoulder blade or hip

– Prominent ribs on one side

– Back pain (this symptom is more common in adults with the condition)


Doctors recommend physical therapy to alleviate the severity of scoliosis, especially if detected early. The key potential health benefits of physical therapy for scoliosis patients include:

– Alleviating the pain associated with the condition, especially in the lower back.

– Improving spinal posture and maintaining its stability and natural curvature.

– Enhancing body strength and reducing pressure on the back.

– Improving the individual’s ability to control body posture and maintain alignment.

– Increasing the range of motion for the spine and limbs.

– Enhancing respiratory health and improving lung function and breathing.

– Stretching and strengthening back muscles.

– Reducing the worsening of spinal curvature.